Thursday, 8 March 2012

F for Fashion&Fantasy

If there is something  that has been getting bigger over the past seasons is the interest around Louis Vuitton's fashion shows and the magic that Marc Jacobs and his team create specifically for every ocasion.

So, two years ago it was de show with the huge fountain in the middle and the lovely and naïve face of Laetitia Casta opening the show.

Then, one year later we all were dumbfounded when the lights turned on and the bellboys opened the doors to a world of corsets, peaked caps and lingerie.

But the surprise for this year was even bigger when the Orient Express came into the room and models started to get off the train while, bellboys again, were carrying their suitcases, handbags and briefcases.

We are not just talking about the ambience being the most stunning thing on the runway but about the glitter and feathers on the bags, trousers' patterns, embroided jackets and breathtaking heels that had all of us drooling over them.

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